January 9, 2017

Our Program

Our Programs that make a Difference

Dream Lifters seeks to help teens in both urban and rural areas whose economic hardships, social networks, or professional role models limit their opportunities and access to junior and senior high education or the career field of their dream.

Dream Lifters organizes conferences to promote education in the major thematic areas such as health, crime, teen development, fraud, alcohol/sex prevention.


Its always exciting when teenagers from all walks of life come together for a conference, it’s a once in a life time experience where young people can learn about, leadership, self-esteem, health choices, prevention, and decision making skills through a participatory and interactive environment with their peers.

The annual conference is divided into three different categories:

SHE DREAMS CONFERENCE–this conference targets  female teens at the junior and senior high levels.  Young girls are empowered on their rights and responsibilities, and gender issues.

HE DREAM CONFERENCE- This conference mainly targets male teens at the junior and senior high levels. Talks, dialogues, mentorship are centered around the “the Young Man”-

WE DREAM CONFERENCE– this conference brings together both young female and male teens to engage and learn. Issues around adolescent  Reproductive health, Career and education are addressed.

Career Internship Program: The Career Internship Program consists of mentored placements with local employers and companies. Teens build job skills, explore career paths, and develop a network that they can use to begin their career after college.We connect innovative businesses with talented teens who can help move the business forward. Dream Lifters programs fuse adult coaching and mentoring, skill building workshops and service learning, and hands on work experiences . Opportunities exist to develop the assets and competencies that low income and bold teens need to achieve their educational and career potential. Our model helps employers reach a diverse group of young people, and increases the community ties of businesses.

Added Values:

  • Become a team player
  • Be able to multi task
  • Learn under and from a mentor
  • Develop analytical skills

Health Education – This programs seeks to bring young people together to address issues around health, nutrition, and their environment. Young people are counseled and sensitized around issues of national concern such as HIV/AIDS, abortion, food security and food systems, Abuse and rights, sanitation and hygiene. This program takes the form of symposia, round table discussions and talk shows. Dream lifters aims to also reach out to young people who are in juvenile centers to create an opportunity to have a second chance in society.

Youth Centered Awards scheme

Young Achievers Awards: The whole idea is to recognize dynamism in little and big forms, in terms of intellectual ability and behavior change and innovations. The scheme looks out for young teens who are doing something worth appreciating in their locality. Recognition is given in the form of scholarship or awards of various kinds. Young achievers will be celebrated for their achievements and exemplary life style. The recognition will go beyond receiving an award to providing mentors that will guide them in their walk into the future.

Volunteer Programs: Our volunteer programs offers opportunity to selfless individuals who have the passion to join in making a difference in the life of the young teen. Anyone can be a volunteer in our rural out reach activities, volunteer to mentor a young teen.