December 17, 2016



Dream Lifters International is a non-governmental organization. It was registered on the 11th November 2015 by a team of young people with the aim of empowering teenagers through education. We believe education is the foundation, which holds a nation

MISSION: Dream Lifters International seeks to encourage and empower teenagers through education to develop a vision for their future and providing them with experiences to believe in themselves, the resources and networks to achieve their goal.

VISION: To see all teenagers have an equal opportunity to the career goal of their dreams, believing their possibilities are unlimited and can be achieved through education.

PRINCIPLESDream Lifters International believes that all teens have great potential to actualize their dreams.

We trust in our ability to connect the critical players, such as educational bodies, students, parents, high schools, and employers –to accomplish what none can do alone.


Our story

FOUNDERS MESSAGE: The team and I started this organization with the aim to help create an opportunity for teenagers and to be an advocate for them in every aspect of their lives.

In our current world today, there are many social vices that our younger generation have developed interest in, which is gradually making education seem irrelevant to them due to their urgency in looking for wealth at all cost within shortest possible time, through legal or illegal means. As a team we believe that all teens have great potential to actualize their dreams.

Our dream is to develop young people into responsible individuals and custodians of development. We aim to encourage the youth to appreciate the gift of nature and behave as model exemplars of humanity. It is our desire to equip them with knowledge and wisdom to become intellectuals that can take advantage of opportunities and turn around problems within their environment.

“Education may not be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things, which come together to make you happy”……..

As an organization, the health and moral uprightness of every teenager is our utmost concern.

We encourage everyone not to hesitate be an advocate of change in the lives of these young ones by becoming a lifter.