As a youngster, all I was expected of at age 15 was to learn hard and pursue the profession of my dream. Today it is a different issue all together, regardless of ones background, these young folks are on a wild goose chase, thinking Rome was built in a day. Fraud has become common in our very existence as Ghanaians, which is disturbing to organizations and individuals who have dedicated their lives and resources to educate teenagers across board to make the nation and continent great.


Hardship has forced some parents to become less regarded by their own children due to circumstances beyond their control whiles other parents are the masterminds of the path their wards have chosen. It’s unfortunate we find ourselves in a society where riches can buy conscience at any given time. The important question is are we in charge as parents or not? We are not against the success of teens but their stories should be a motivation not a distraction.


There is a lot the service can do to help curb this menace in our society. What are some of the technologies put in place to combat these theft, I believe a National Cyber Forensics & Training Centers can help. Random pick ups can also be used to interrogate these teens whose slogan is ‘money over everything ‘.
If care is not taken, these great minds will be misused against us, as their slogan depicts. I believe with vigilance, through collaborative efforts these organizations can be of great importance to uproot this canker in our beloved country. Young folks are housed for days and weeks to chat with clients referred to as ‘mugu’ on behalf of their paymasters. These are the same people who pick guns and machetes to rob you at night when the ‘mugu’ refuse to pay.

Financial institutions

The ethics of the institution is gradually loosing its value within the sector, because some puissant men and women have defiled all odds for self aggrandizement instead of upholding and defending the virtues of the profession.

They rather do vice versa by conniving with perpetrators to undermine the integrity of the profession due to greed. Until a system is put in place to monitor and detect the operations of such officers and their allies, our fight to stop these crimes will be meaningless.

Moral lesson

Teen life matters and it will be better if we start living right without being forced to live the greedy mans dream. This is a lifters plea to stand for the truth at all times.


Emmanuel Cyril Eshun
(Dream Lifters International, Founder)

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