Benefits of education to teens


  1. Poverty Reduction: With evolving lifestyles, steep inflation rates and luxuries transcending into needs, it is only impossible for a family to depend and thrive on one bread earner. You ought to work for self-sufficiency and dependency and education helps you gain job opportunities for financial independence. Also, education helps you build a network with people who’s resources might work the best in your benefit if you so choose to be self employed.



  1. Healthy living: Remember the world before anti-biotic happened? Or vaccines? Or sanitary napkins? Now place yourself where education is a luxury. Would you be aware of the medical or lifestyle finds which help detect and cure a disease. Are you aware that almost every person is allergic to 5 foods in his lifetime, which may cause autoimmune disease? An educated person would know his health, live longer and healthier by resorting to healthier alternatives.



  1. Boost in economic growth: when people of a nation are educated, they’d definitely carve ways to be self-sufficient. An economically independent society is the stepping stone to combined productivity that leads to a economic growth of the nation on a whole. Now you know those countries are doing so well for themselves.



4. Saves children: It is only through education that you’d have multiple level goals and a number of ways to reach them. You’d have dreams, which transmute to thoughts and later into actions. Your will to get your dream to turn true will be undeterred and you’d try in every way possible till you succeed. The uneducated may have better intellectual and labor capacity but the lack of understanding of multiple ways to achieve their goals is often an obstacle.


5.Foster peace: it is in the habit of uneducated to spring up on argument and cause harm to others and most to himself. Education would rather channel your temper towards a more productive and peaceful goal. While no nation would be at crisis, it would be only a more peaceful world without wars and battles


6. Reduces crime: Time spent in education may also be important for teenagers in terms of limiting the time available for participating in criminal activities.


7.Reduces Child Marriage: Reduces maternal deaths: No intention of gender bias, but statistics reveal that if the mothers are educated, chances are that child mortality rates reduce by less than half. In fact, this is a reason by urban, educated women have healthier children almost free of diseases. Also, if either parent has received formal education, chances are they’d have fewer kids with better lifestyles than depend on more working hands by conceiving more kids. Also, educated parents immunize their kids and make sure that they play major role in their growth and development.


8. Promotes gender equality: Do you know that the societal segments were based more on your education than economic worth, just economically better off could afford better education too. Women were the aliens of the already alienated because they weren’t seen as able to mingle in a society where reasoning happened. It is extremely important that you be at par with the knowledge database to be able to mingle in a certain societal setting without being made to feel embarrassed or an outcast. Education helps you broaden that spectrum of knowledge and hold your own mind and reason.


9. Combats HIV and AIDS: Education plays a major role in helping teenagers of the danger it can cause on them and also inform them how they transmitted, and how people can protect themselves from infection. Anyone who is vulnerable to AIDS, and almost everyone is vulnerable, unless they know how to protect themselves. Its not only young people, injecting drug users or gay men who become infected- the virus has affected a cross-section of society. This means that education ought to be aimed at all parts of society.


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